Moving your horse out of the country is a big decision. And you want your trusted friend to be as comfortable as possible on that final Icelandic flight.

It’s hard to say goodbye

Before saying goodbye, you need to know that your horse will be comfortable throughout the journey. Specially-designed containers are handled with care and consideration, and feeding and temperature controls ensure that your four-legged friend experiences minimal discomfort and disturbance.

A popular friend

The horse has been both a companion and servant to Icelanders since the settlement. It’s hard to describe this unique relationship that horse and rider share, but mutual respect and compassion are certain. Icelandair Cargo carries this respect from the stables and all across the world.

Unique qualities

Few match the Icelandic horse. Its five gaits are requested the world over, and its size, tenacity, and power pique anyone’s interest; earning it the respect it deserves.

Seeing the world

No matter whether you ask on the farm or in the concrete jungle, you’ll be sure to hear how the Icelandic horse is respected. We at Icelandair Cargo make sure to treat these creatures with that very same respect. Safety and excellent facilities are in the forefront when it comes to horses – from its very last steps on Icelandic soil until it reaches its new home. Your friend will be comfortable throughout the journey. Count on that

Moving world champions

Good preparation is the key to success. When going abroad to compete, the journey itself is very important. That’s why we at Icelandair Cargo work hard at facilitating greatness.


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